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Living rooms will never be the same again! With the right choice of sofas, a simple living room can be transformed into a stimulating and productive space. At Furnitech, we believe furniture should be aesthetically pleasing, functionally superior, and easily adaptive to body postures.

Inspired by this philosophy, we make hi-end seating systems that address evolving lifestyle aspirations and social values. Our splendid sofas are appreciated by lifestyle conscious consumers who wish to turn their home into a livelier place. Come; explore the exciting world of Furnitech!




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Indian customers today have the privilege of owning aesthetically appealing and flawlessly crafted furniture pieces that live up to international standards but are available at Indian prices. A quality-obsessed individual, Dhawal has been instrumental in infusing a culture of efficiency and excellence across the organization.



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Design is applied art

Inspired by this exalted belief, the Furnitech Design Team works tirelessly to improve the quality of our furniture, no matter how good we already believe it to be

Pursuing focused R&D initiatives, we have been successful in creating innovative designs truly unmatched in the industry. Unplugging their creativity, our design experts also use the latest digital tools to come up with out-of-the-box concepts that have the power to revolutionize seating systems.


Furnitech does not sell directly to the consumer from the factory, or over the internet. Furnitech products are only available through our authorized retailers/ Experience centers. To find the store or dealer nearest to you please check on our website or

Leather conforms to its environment. It adapts to the temperature of a room, or your body on it and will maintain a consistent temperature that will feel good to your skin.

No, leather will not crack or peel over time in normal using conditions. What can happen is the color finish that has been applied may crack or peel. This can usually be repaired, think of it like paint on a wall. Bear in mind that the finish can not be e

Markings such as scars, insect bites, wrinkles, veining are natural characteristics of genuine leather. However, leather from our natural family will show more natural markings, such as insect bites, scars and stretch marks, as well as color variations. T

Yes. Leather is actually a by-product from the beef industry. The largest consumer of leather is the shoe industry. Less than ten percent of the world's hide production is used for furniture.

If you are worried about your pets damaging, you should look at the most appropriate upholstery for a home with pets. You probably should go with a design that is more easily repaired. Mainly the easily removable and washable seat/ back cushion type of de

A very important part of the final product's price is based on the upholstery / leather's characteristics. As grades of leather increase, the cost of the final product also increases. However there are many other factors that affect pricing including: dim


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