Right Bar Chairs For The Right Mood!

A lot is changing around when it comes to interiors, nowadays. One area in specific, is the kitchen and dining. Be it at your home, a restaurant or a bar, high-seating counters, for example- the breakfast bars, are gaining popularity. With this developing trend, we know it’s difficult to find the right bar chairs that will complement your interiors perfectly...

Well, your search ends here!

Mint Homez has researched and looked around several timelines, boundaries and styles to provide you with the best bar chairs and stools. These geometrically fascinating designs are crafted specially to perfectly fit your space and to match the mood you are striving to create.

We have a myriad of options for you to select from. Wooden to cushioned, pastel to exciting colours, artistic to elegant, sophisticated to whimsical, our products map your needs like no other.

Additionally, bar chairs at Mint Homez are made to be with you for a long time and are easy to clean. The aesthetic designs are complete with a clean finish and comfortable seating. What’s more? You can customize your stools completely, according to your counter height, the colour and shape you are looking for, the material and the fabric that you want; basically, anything and everything!

Visit our stores at Gangadham-Katraj Road and Creaticity Mall, Yerwada, to find what you are searching for. A great bar ambience is always incomplete without the perfect bar chairs (so are the happy hours) and we are here to take care of that!