5 Unique Wallpaper Ideas for Revamping your House with a Quirky Twist

Interior decor today has become more about creating the right expression than just setting the right color combinations. And wallpapers have grown to be an integral part of interior designing due to their sheer variety, versatility, and easy replaceability.
There is a growing number of home decor stores in Pune that offer new and unique wallpapers concepts for designers to integrate with their futuristic decor plans.
If you have wanted to try a wallpaper look for your house but dont know where to start, run through the following most unique wallpaper ideas that might help spark your imagination.

The Walls – Furniture Contrast

The prominence of your unique furniture elements drastically varies with their backdrops. Since you have already invested in putting together the right furniture with matching aspects, it would be more beneficial to invest in a plain, soothing wallpaper with minimalistic designs that contrast with your furniture to subtly highlight their color, texture, and other attributes.

The Walls Furniture Contrast 1

The Fifth Wall

No, nobody is talking about building a pentagonal room. We are talking about the wall that no one notices – the ceiling. To create a dynamic interplay between your floor and your roof, you can look for a decent kaleidoscopic or repetitive patterned ceiling wallpaper.
Depending on your design choice, such enhanced ceilings can create a more grandiose and luxurious ambiance in your bedrooms and living room.

The Fifth Wall 1

Half-n-Half Designs

Modern home accessories stores have introduced many half-size wallpaper designs. If you wish to be more creative with such a design pattern, you can find two separates wallpapers, one with a dynamic design and another with a simple and subtle color, to create your own half-n-half effect throughout a room.
The possibilities are endless, plus, it allows you to try a range of combinations between the two halves by changing one half at a time.

Half n Half Designs1

Quaint Rooms With Twilight Mixes

If you have a moderately sized bedroom and living room with more of an antique flavor in lamps, consoles, and paintings, the quaint shades of twilight can do wonders for these elements.
The compelling shades of twilight red, indigo, or pink can add more emotions and prestigiousness to each of those furnishings while giving your entire home a royal makeover.

Quaint Rooms With Twilight

Cheeky And Funky Decoupage Print Corners

It could be your workspace wall, your bedside wall, or any corner in your living room, which you have always wanted to dedicate to your favorite artists, artworks, cutouts, or simply funky designs.
And many home decor stores in Pune now offer custom printed wallpapers with a decoupage look of images of your choice. It will help you create a truly personal space that will add a fresh perspective to your lifestyle.

Cheeky And Funky Decoupage