Make a Beautiful Home!

It is said that ‘Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling’! Indeed so much is expressed by these seemingly simple words… Every human being would relate to this ‘feeling’! And it is because the place we call home is built with our feelings! Every little thing in our home is special and unique to us...


It’s about the colour of walls, the furniture, the décor, curtains, upholstery, light fixtures, the artifacts, plants, rugs and, the list is endless… everything is handpicked, isn’t it? We choose it all with loving indulgence. We spend precious time, energy and money to get it all perfect.

It’s with immense pride that we invite family and friends over to share our personal joy and happiness with them.

At Mint Homez we understand this perfectly well! We understand the efforts you take to make your home a beautiful place, a place where you feel at home!

Welcome to our world of complete home décor - a one-stop-shop which will take care of all your needs! Carrying forward a legacy of over two decades in furniture industry, we have a team of young, passionate and experienced designers to deliver a customized solution at your doorstep!

At Mint Homez, you will find classy, durable furniture handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. This includes home décor, furnishings, dining sets, sofas, recliners, home theatre and a lot more.

We offer furniture and décor for office, retail, hotel, restaurants and service apartments too.