4 most important points to keep in mind while buying a bed

After a long day, everyone looks for a comfy rest to leave the fatigue behind. The bed plays an important role in helping us rest our body and mind. If your bed isn’t perfect for you, it will make resting difficult.

A perfect bed is also a perfect centerpiece, with a well-planned theme and space, it can add some zing to your bedroom. On that note, we have some handy tips that will help you select the perfect bed for your room.

Gauge the Size of Your Bed

One of the first and most crucial factors you should consider when buying a bed is the size you would like to opt for, like the single bed or double bed standard size. However, before getting down to exact measurements, begin by looking around your room and consider the furniture and other important accessories you may want to place alongside the bed. 

Sizes of beds are determined by standard mattress sizes which are available on the market.

Queen size, King size, Twin size, Single bed, and In storage. We can also have options of Hydraulic storage or Drawers.

Next, ask yourself how much space will be left after that placement? Finally, how much space would you want your bed to occupy, and what should be the amount of free space in your room to enable ease of navigation? Such considerations will help you make a logical estimate on the double bed size you may want to opt for.

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How Sturdy is Your Bed?


The next important aspect to take cognizance of while buying a bed is the quality of its material, i.e., its strength, durability, and withholding capacity. While at the furniture store, check the plethora of options you may have before you. Touch and examine the wood, letting your tactile sense guide your purchase decision. 


Ideally, the quality of the base material of your bed should be sturdy and well-suited to accommodate heavy mattresses over it. In addition, the wood should be well-polished and resilient to wear and tear. Finally, if you are purchasing the bed from an online furniture shop, look at its various images and read customer reviews while making a decision.

Beds With Storage Facilities


While most rooms contain wardrobes that act as primary storage solutions, some rooms may be too small to accommodate these. In such cases, you may opt for a bed that consists of storage provisions underneath the surface layer. 

Such a provision helps save space, allowing one to make room for other significant furniture sets and requirements. You may also opt for such beds if you have surplus belongings and would like to have an additional provision besides the existing cupboards.

Examine the Different Bed Designs


While the most basic purpose of buying a bed is to ensure a comfortable sleep, it is also a crucial part of a home’s basic décor and aesthetics. Thus, an aesthetically sound bed looks appealing and adds to the splendor of your sweet home. Typically, modern bed styles are available in many designs and patterns. In addition, reputed furniture stores and online furniture shops offer various beds suited for different interior designs and styles. 

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Beds are one of the key products of the Mint Homez range; Beds have a great aesthetic appeal in any bedroom: it’s a center of attraction and the focal point of a room. It can stand tall or be a simple short heightened one. In addition, there are different styles of headboards: Tall large, upholstered and tufted, fluted patterns, or short minimalist headboards with a clean look.


The bed you sleep on is essential to how peaceful and refreshing your next morning will be. Consequently, purchasing a comfortable and secure bed for your home helps you ensure a much healthier quality of sleep and peaceful days to follow. 


That’s our crash course on how to choose a bed style, size, or material. When you choose to buy beds in Pune, the key is to earmark your requirements and then look for a store that can cater to your needs in the most hassle-free manner possible. That’s where we come into play. Mint Homez is one of the leading home decor stores in Pune, and we believe in providing quality and personalizable options in everything we deliver. So don’t wait for sound sleep. Instead, go look for it, and you will end up in our store. Feel free to contact us for any details.