Be it at the entryway, the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen; a console table has one too many facades to play. Apart from being a handy storage space, your console table can be a bearer of the most aesthetically pleasing elements in your house. Guided by your personal taste and interior theme, you can choose to convert your indifferent console table into the first impression of your lifestyle with the right decor accessories. Since we offer the most unique designs for console tables in Pune, here are some essential decor ideas that our clients have loved from the bottom of their hearts!

Take A Break With Tuck Stools & Ottomans
Add more function and elegance to your console table by incorporating funky tuck stools that would fit under it. That way, anyone can use it for a short seat, maybe for putting on socks and shoes at the doorway, or a quick bite in the living room. If you want to go all-in, find contrasting ottomans that are catchy enough to amplify the tables look and comfy enough for a short break.

Take A Break With Tuck Stools Ottomans

Blending With The Backdrops
The backdrops play a huge role in how your console elements appear. Assuming your console table is placed against a wall, think about how you can make the elements pop over it. Giant paintings and hanging art is the best way to start. Considering the vase, books, and photo frames on your tables, think of what artwork would best complement the relaxing goals of these elements. If your table is placed in the middle of the room among other furniture, try to use items that contrast the surrounding elements, such as in-house plants, frames, trinkets, candles, and decorative bowls. However, stick to a color palette that doesn’t distract you from the overall ambience.

Blending With The Backdrops

Camouflage With Chic Tablecloths

If your console table is too simple to be interesting, it can still be used as a body to a beautifully draped tablecloth. From sophisticated gingham to royal plain fabrics, from small polka dots to big jungle print designs, there is no limit to what your tablecloth can do if you pick the right one. But remember, the cloth must highlight or contrast the elements it would bear. Prefer lighter shades of your wall color to maintain a general balance between the two. You can add folding designs to create a crafted look.

Camouflage With Chic Tablecloths

Put Things In Limelight
No doubt that a table lamp does a great job on any console table. But what if you wish to put a special frame in the spot? Here, small spotlights can do big miracles. Placing small spotlights against an artwork, over the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, can add so much more glamour and detail to your console table design and its elements. Choose your lights smartly to avoid excessive brightening. You don’t want to drag too much attention or disturb the ambient light balance.

Add Some Life Down Below
No matter how much you crowd your console tabletop, there’s always more room below. If you don’t need the tuck stools, you can choose to add a small double-deck shelf for arranging your priced book collection below the table. If not books, there are always more antique vases and planters to keep somewhere in the house. The possibilities are endless; all you have to do is find the best element that fits below your console table impeccably.

From Our Design Experts
Console tables can be blended with numerous design elements limited by your imagination. And since you can find more and more out-of-the-box console tables in Pune today, things can get pesky. At such times, it is better to let in an expert. Apart from offering unique designs for console tables in Pune, Mint Homez also houses an experienced team of interior designers who can help you choose the right table to go with your interior decor. If you need some more tips, feel free to drop us a message.