The House of Eclectic Furniture

Exclusive Features The collection was born out of love & compassion for style and comfort mixed together to bring out the best of furniture fashion. Exclusively made with a Plethora of colors, textures & varied layers of material without compromising the trending style & aesthetics. 


The collection designed by professionals & design enthusiasts, combines vibrant hues and various elements & materials bringing out the best of furniture fashion.


Furniture is a part of your daily life! The living room couch, that chair that gives you a cozy hug, the bed where you snuggle Every evening, or the recliner on which you read or nap, these pieces are not inanimate, they become a part of you, a part of your family and also your identity.


Casa Meraki is a house of beautiful & luxurious furniture and decor which you can make a part of your home, a collection that will make your home comfortable & stylish.