7 Easy Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Furniture In Monsoon

We all indeed love monsoons, but it may not be good for your furniture. Monsoons bring moisture, swelling your furniture and dampening its upholstery, attracting dirt, molds, and mites. 

Understanding your problems and designing solutions is the very core concept of modular furniture manufacturers. That’s why we have come up with super handy and easy-to-use tips for protecting your furniture during monsoons.


# TIP 1: Clean Your Furniture Regularly

Use a woolen towel to dust and wipe clean the deepest crevices in wooden carvings or cushiony upholstery that may become a habitat for dust and mites. You can order some dry-clean fabric cleansing solution to clean the upholstering.

Note: Avoid using the all-purpose cleaning sprays, as the liquid can erode the polish on the wooden surface of furniture and expose it to moisture at room temperature.


# TIP 2: Wax and polish your wooden furniture

If the furniture is new, you might not need wax polish as premium furniture manufacturers in Pune always offer durable, low-maintenance, and well-polished furniture. 

Still, as an extra layer of protection, you can wax coat the furniture to seal exposed surfaces from a humid environment. The wax coat will not only act as a furniture protectant but will also add luster to wooden furniture, making it shine like new.

Usually, two types of wax varnish are available- liquid wax and paste wax. Always apply a thin layer of good-furniture varnishing wax to keep them protected, clean and lustrous.

You can also seek professional help to get the waxing job done.


# TIP 3: Vacuum-clean them!

Vacuum cleaners are revolutionary cleaning tools. They suck out the dust from the deepest nooks to give you a clean and dry surface. Plus, they are very easy to use. Make sure to vacuum-clean your furniture, especially the upholstery, once a week and spray-clean furniture at least once in two months. 


# TIP 4: Seal the gaps

If your furniture is old or the polish has eroded, there are chances that your furniture develops cracks. Therefore, observe diligently, and seal the gaps immediately to avoid cracking of furniture.

You can use filler wax to seal the gaps. These fillers are available in different shades. Pick the most suitable shade to blend with the color of your furniture.


# TIP 5: Keep them away from walls

If the wall has cracks, the water may seep through them and become damped. Likewise, if your furniture is in contact with walls, the moisture can transfer to your wooden furniture and swell it.

Avoid such a consequence by keeping your furniture away from the wall.


# TIP 6: Do not keep wooden furniture open

Rains are mesmerizing, and almost everyone places some furniture on the balcony or window-side to enjoy the calm-and-cool breeze of rainfall. Make sure you place fiber furniture on the balcony that is moisture-resistant and durable.

Even if your wooden furniture is in your room, next to the window, better mind its positioning. Splashing water can dampen them, attracting germs and foul odor.


TIP 7: Last but not least: Sun-dry your furniture

No matter how hard you have tried to protect your furniture, some bad odor always emits from the cushioned furniture, especially in monsoons. Some microbes always germinate in them, which multiply heavily in monsoons. Exposing your furniture to sunlight or direct UV will kill them, cease their growth, and automatically cut down the odor.

Hope you find these super easy future protection tips helpful. Try it yourself this monsoon, and let us know your reviews.

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