Interior and commercial designers have long appreciated and innovated the use of bar stools in their designs which consequently led to the innovation in bar stool design and structure. Today, you can find bar stools that you could not have imagined only a few years ago. With more comfort, accurate weight distribution and eye-popping designs, they are now a key aspect of kitchen, dining and bar counter decoration.

As designers continue to adept bar stools to serve distinct purposes, here are some of the contemporary ideas which you can try and utilize in your spaces to substitute bars stools:

As Plant Stands:
When the windowsills are too bright for your small and delicate flowering plants, but keeping them inside on a desk or table isn’t helping either, what you need is a new in-house gardening setup that adds beauty to your lbriving space while providing the plants with only the necessary amount of sunlight.
This can be achieved by using adjustable or small flat bar stools placed calculatedly around the windows. You can opt for stools that are wooden or reflect more naturalistic vibes.

As Living room side tables:
While the overlying upholstery and covers are mere accessories to the sofa, the underlying framework is the true body. Hardwood frames are a tradition; they are sturdy, durable and reliable. Woods like the beech, oak, pine, etc. have been used over centuries for furniture designing and are still the most reliable options. The recent particleboard and metal frames may be cheaper but come with severe future disadvantages.

Type Of Skeletal Structure:
If you have a spacious living room, you can’t possibly put multiple coffee tables at different places for putting down your coffee, or newspaper, or keys, or literally anything. Hence, placing two or three bar stools that subtly blend in with other furniture in different corners can save you from the trouble of leaving your comfy couch to pick up and put down things every time. If not things, they can be used to place guests when they arrive in a more than expected number.

As Bathroom Racks and Seatings:
A swivel stool in a bathroom is unheard or, and yet it is handier than you would think. Even if you don’t notice it, you always need something to keep or sit on in the bathroom, a swivel stool can serve as a seat when you wish to take long relaxing showers or as a holder for towels, clothing, shaving gear, or anything that you carry or keep inside your bathroom for that matter.

As A Reading Corner:
If your house has that one window or a small attached balcony which, for some reason, provides a uniquely soothing view of the outside world and its happenings, how about turning it into space you can spend more time in? Get two bar stools, one for you and one for the cup or the book you’re holding, and relax for some time (or as long as you want if it’s a weekend). You can also add a small portable desk and have the best work-from-home experience from the comfort of your bar stool.

As Kids’ Workspace:
Sometimes, even your young toddlers need serious workspaces for their crayon-ography and delicate crafts work. So, help them improve in their craftsmanship by putting two to three small bar stools in their room or any room they decide to spend time in. You can put a desktop on top of two stools to create a makeshift office table for your little one to work on.

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