Interior Design Trends This Year

It seems as if everything old is new again when you look at design trends this year. Even as we look forward to more normalcy as vaccines get the pandemic under control, our homes are still the center of our existence. Many of us long for extra comfort in our interior design, and we need features that reflect our lifestyle, which continues to include working remotely, spending more time with family and staying entertained at home.

Here are several home design trends you can expect to see this year.

1. The Outside Comes In
People find comfort in nature, and you can expect to see more natural elements making their appearance indoors.House plants are having a strong comeback, and greens of all shades are popular for walls, accents and living room furniture. We are discovering that the interior design of our homes can have a strong influence on our mood and our sense of wellbeing.

2. A Warmer Color Palette

After years of cool neutrals with pops of bright shades, the color palette is moving toward dare I say it earth tones. Neutrals are still in style, but with a warmer twist. Look for home decor to shift away from steel gray and crisp white toward creamy beiges and subtle nude tones. Expect to see soothing camels and caramels accented by chocolate brown, terracotta, deep orange and burnt umber for a more organic look.

3. A Softer Look
Even people who love the clean, minimalistic look of contemporary designs are opting for sharp edges that are softened to create a cozier environment. And don't we all deserve it, after years of dealing with stress brought on by the pandemic, shortages at the supermarket and economic strains at home. Arcs, curves and softer lines are expected to dominate this year, and many homes will mix new furniture, Farmhouse styles and vintage pieces for a comforting nostalgic look.

4. More Natural Materials
Now more than ever people are opting for furniture constructed of materials like wood, stone and metal, as well as leather and affordable faux leather for a natural look. Look for more layers and embellishments along with natural fabrics like cotton. For families with young children or pets, performance fabrics offer extra durability on upholstered furniture pieces.

5. An Enduring Home Office
While some people are transitioning back to the office, many more are still working from home, even if they go in for in-person meetings every so often. A good solution to this trend that looks as if it is here to stay is the multipurpose room that is a home office by day, and a guest bedroom or game room by night. Multifunctional furniture like  and lift-top cocktail tables can help create a home that functions as an office when necessary without sacrificing needed space.