Our home has a soul of its own, and we all strive to furnish it with unique and beautiful elements that best express its character. For years we have depended on traditionally driven designs and blueprints to blend furniture, art, and accessories while sidelining contemporary furnishing as the thing of the aficionados. But with innovations being made in the furnishing industry and the evolution of our lifestyles, it is time we accepted contemporary design ascents, not as a need for modern homes.

Unlike traditional furniture, which emphasizes mostly on form, modern furniture designs equally emphasize form, functionality, and compatibility. Today, custom furniture designers consistently improvise their perspective to make furniture an accessory rather than a showpiece. The contemporary furniture of today posses 3 unique yet essential characteristics. These categories can be coined as:

The Functional Balance:
Modern furniture primarily focuses on being useful than just beautiful. You will find that even lightings and artworks are being catered to be uniquely usable in specific rooms of a house while adding to the visual appeal of the interior decor. Consoles and living room tables introduce innovative ways of maximizing storage space while beds and seatings are stylized to maintain the general picturesqueness.

The Elegance In Simplicity:
A major downside of traditional furniture is their gaudy and discordant contrasts and structures. Most modern furniture elements are designed to be as minimalistic and simplistic as possible, which helps maintain an unwavering accent throughout the room. The simple shapes and plain color choices make it easy for us to integrate otherwise irrelevant furniture pieces to blend and form a simple yet elegant theme.

The Element Of Surprise:
Amid these quirky, helpful, and simplistic pieces, you will always find that one out-of-the-box furnishing accessory that adds an unexpected yet delightful vibe within a room. Be it a modern recliner, corner table, wall light, or a never-seen-before chair , the moment you add those few elements of surprise into your home furniture, you know your guest will want to spend a few moments with it.

With new furniture designs and categories hitting the market, it is only prudent to say that the best is yet to come. And for custom furniture lovers, Pune is home to some of the best furniture showrooms that create phenomenally good furnishing accessories to suit your desire. And Mint Homez is the frontrunner in this modern furniture design game, with our Italian collections and personalizable seating options. On the Mint Homez website, you will get an essential glimpse of the futuristic designs available at our furniture showroom in Pune. You can even reach out to us for some one-on-one tips and guidelines for choosing the right furnishings for your unique home.