Console Table: How to find the best option for you?

The console table is a versatile piece of furniture that can dramatically transform a room’s look. It can be added to any space in your home and is endlessly adaptable. Designers use it to fill space, detract, draw attention, and create an accent. The right console table has style and utility, combining the best of both worlds.

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Step 1: Zero in on the position

The space will dictate your choice of table. Try imagining different places and options for placing the table. For example, ultra-small console tables are a great option for corner spaces. In contrast, you can go for a sturdy option if the area is larger. 

Step 2: Have a clear purpose

Console tables are flexible and can serve multiple purposes. Figure out what you want to do with it: act as an accent table, pack storage space, decorate, or playroom divider? This way, you can choose a console table that is perfect for your interior.

Step 3: Make It Go With Your Decor Plan

Contemporary, minimalist, colorful, or ornate? Console tables come in countless materials, styles, and budgets.

The bottom line is to ensure it works well with the room’s decor. where it can make a statement and isn’t a misfit. For instance, heavy, carved wood in a sleek, modern space would be a no-no. 


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Console tables can be useful in any room. So keep your options open and try multiple options.

Entryway or hallway

Place the table in the entryway to make an entry statement. You can also couple it with a mirror and some lights to give it an elegant look. But, functionally, it is a hidden storage spot to dunk your keys and small change and stow umbrellas below.

Living room

A decorative console table works well here. Dress it up as a side table, and create an interesting visual vignette. Lamps and console tables go hand-in-hand and can be used together. The best practice is to add lamps on either side of the table. 

Dining room

Near the dining table, the console table can be used as a side stand. You can place your crockery and convert it into an impromptu bar. Picking a console table with more drawers can help increase storage space.


You can also use the console table alongside your bed as a nightstand to place lamps. 

Console table in Pune

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