Recharge With Recliners!

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and putting your feet up with a cup of your favourite brew in a cosy corner, isn’t it? Or curling up in the softness of a comfortable chair, reading a bestseller after a mad work week, especially during monsoons? Or binge watching your favourite series for hours together as one off indulgence?...

Well these are some moments you can identify with and look forward to whenever you are up and above, full of energy, taking on the day in your stride! And we all have our favourite place in the home - the bed, a chair or sofa or a hanging chair or hammock in the terrace garden.

Among them the most relaxing and popular piece of furniture today is the recliner. If you really want to relax, then you can just snuggle up in one of these and feel the sore muscles slowly relax and unwind. You can feel your aches and pains slowly leave as you lose yourself in the relaxing mode.

Welcome to Mint Homez, where we understand how hard you strive to maintain the fine work-life balance, with a happy and unbeatable spirit!

We present an entire range of uber-cool recliners which would make you look forward to your ‘unwinding’ breaks. Choose from the wide variety of colours, fabrics, sizes and shapes to suit your comfort and interior space.

Have your own special ‘recharge’ point at home which you will cherish every day!