Like every year, monsoon brings an army of clouds and the news of lush greenery all around. And yet, it also deprives your spacious home of the bright sunlight and leads to unpleasant dirt, odor, and gloomy vibes within the house. However, this should not be a reason to hate the rains; instead, all you need is a few changes in your home interior to adapt to the season. You can always play around with decor ideas. We’re here to give you only the essentials of what needs to change to fight back the gloominess. And here’s how you can start:

Corner Lights:
First, to fix the dark, shadowy effect created by the lack of sunlight, you’ll have to rearrange some of your interior lights. Since almost all our ceiling lights and hanging lights are placed centrally, the corners are always darker.During the day, your glass walls and windows will still light up your rooms’ central space, so it won’t feel logical to turn on all your lights throughout the day. Since only the corners need a revamp, you can move your table lamps or other hanging lanterns to the dark corners to light them up during the day.

Colorful Refurbishing:
The dullness that falls upon your rooms in dim sunlight might partially be because of the color palette of your interior elements. Using simplistic, dull-colored curtains, pillows, rugs, etc. might be more appealing in other seasons, but they contribute to the monsoon’s dullness. Colors like orange, yellow, sky-blue, bright pink can pop and brighten up any room even in minimum sunlight. Based on such colors, get new pillow covers, curtains, rugs, and other accessories like table lamps, vases, paintings, and artworks to rejuvenate the looks.

Outdoor Seatings:
If you’re sitting by your window, wondering if only you could enjoy the drizzling rains and landscapes without the wetness, well, you can. With an extended temporary roof over your front garden or balcony, you can put together a comfy chair and coffee table outside and cherish the chilling breeze of monsoon with your family. The same setup can also help you cool off under the shady roof during summers.

Add To The Green: Plants are known to soothe the eyes by absorbing UV rays and reflect visible light. And what better time to plant more vegetation than monsoon when the soil is loose and fertile. Bring in new planters and pots over your windowsills and into the dark corners of your house to help more light bounce around the rooms and make it visually pleasing as well.

Fixing The Hygiene, Odor, & Overall Vibes:
With the decor aspects covered, what remains to be dealt with is the dirt, smell, and dull vibes that entail the rainy climate. Some additional accessories, such as highly absorbent doormats, fragrant candles, wind chimes, dreamcatchers, etc. are always a great addition to the interior to deal with these secondary issues. Here’s a bonus tip: create a solution of lemon juice, rosemary, and vanilla extract with water in a decorative jar which you can place in the living room, and get the best of freshness and aesthetics right at your home.

At Mint Homez, we always try to help our clients out with such quirky tips and tricks to enhance their overall interior in synergy with our furniture. In fact, our team of professional interior designers in Pune can help you reimagine your entire decor for different seasons and set the right mood. If you’re looking for some quick advice on rearranging your home decor, visit our Mint Homez website and get in touch with our top interior designer in Pune.