6 Fabulous Tips to Eliminate Space Crunch

I distinctly remember how excited my friend was when she finally bought a house last year. Although located at the heart of a metro city like Pune with all the modern amenities possible, it was undoubtedly small.

Nonetheless, to my friend, the house was cozy, earthy, aesthetic, and what not! But, to be honest, it was quite understandable how emotional she was altogether. After all, she bought it after fighting so many odds.

She was in even higher spirits when she started decorating the house’s interiors. But alas! She got stuck with the furniture decor. The selected furniture was eating up a lot of space. Also, it seemed to be a mismatch to the artistic value of the petite-sized house. She became pretty confused and upset.

The above scenario isn’t uncommon. You generally have an emotive connection with your house. You are ready to give out all your heart and soul to get your dwelling a dreamy finish. And, when it doesn’t happen the way you had envisioned it, you are bound to feel dejected.

Nevertheless, optimizing a small house space is no child-play. The right-type and sized furniture play a very imperative role in it.

How about some super-amazing tips on how you can optimize your tiny space with a stylish touch:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

When you venture into making your teeny-tiny space a bit larger, you should first make it look larger. For this, you can try out full-length mirrors on your walls. Now, that does not mean that every wall of your house would be apt for covering up with mirrors!! Find one or two walls that you think might stand out. Then, hang mirrors on them with just one light. And voila! You just created a masterpiece, perhaps!

Let’s dive deeper and see what sort of furniture work out wonderfully for modest spaces:

Neat and tidy-looking furniture: Did you think only your clothes need to be neat and not your furniture?!! We mean that the furniture should have clean lines by neat and tidy here. They shouldn’t be looking too fussy or complicated by design. For extracting some space from your available carpet area, you need to make sure that the furniture is simple yet multi-faceted. They should either have storage or empty or hollow bases to make the floor visible. This gives an overall larger look to your rooms.

What sort of other furniture:

1.     A coffee table that expands!

Rather than having a permanent coffee or tea table set-up, it is a good idea to have a foldable one with some storage. When pulled out, it can act as a work table (since work-from-home is the new norm), or they can even double up as a temporary dining area. The storage in them can nest your coffee mugs, cups, and miscellaneous little things that keep lying around the house; otherwise! These tables also add great beauty to the interiors of your house. Because of their size, you can place them anywhere you wish to.

2.     Sit or Sleep – Your choice!

Those fancy and swanky sofa sets everyone desires to place in their living rooms! Yes, they look incredible, but how practical are they for small spaces? You need sofa sets with storage beneath their seating area for smaller living rooms. You can quite easily dump in your extra beddings, cushions, or comforters in their huge boxes. At times, these sofas are also designed to extend to become a bed to accommodate unprecedented guests.

3.     Din-Din time!

We discussed in the earlier point that how you can convert coffee tables into mini dining tables. But what about the seating arrangement while you gorge on your favorite food?!! Heard of an ottoman? They are short-height cushioned seats. They can easily be pushed under the table after you are done with your meal. You can also get them customized to have storage in them. Remember, having storage everywhere is the key!

4.     Let the walls share some of your burdens!

The concept of Wall-mounted cabinets is always preferable when you want to save up on some space. When you make provision for storing things in the wall-hung cabinets, a lot is clear on the ground. You can walk around freely, dance, and even have a party with spacious corners!

5.     Bathroom nitty-gritty!

You need to implement compact ideas to adjust bathroom belongings when you have compact bathrooms. For example, you can have a small cabinet fitted under the washbasin or somewhere at the upper corner. You can put all your toiletries and essentials in that so that your bathroom looks even more arranged.

6.     Let children have their convenience!

Children too deserve some space, don’t they! The most important area in their room is the study table. Apart from having cupboards in their room, you may also consider having some cubbies on their study table. Small hollow sections and shelves on their table can solve many space issues. They can very easily keep their pen, pencils, and other stationery and craft items in these. This, in turn, will also save your extra effort in picking up stuff that your children might otherwise leave here and there.

Pro tip

Play with colors

This point isn’t directly related to furniture but can prove to be useful in rendering your house a larger look. Try using more pastel colors while you are doing your furnishing work. See if you can get cushions, drapes, or curtains in the shades of light pink, peach, mint green, or lavender. On the one hand, dark shades squeeze the look of your rooms; on the contrary, lighter shades enhance the same.

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