6 Reasons Why Recliner Chairs Are Best Fit For Your House

Be it the stress of daily household chores or hectic days at work, recliner chairs are always best to relax and lounge at home.
Besides offering comfort and breathability for long durations, the recliner sofa has evolved 360° to provide multiple handy functionalities at worthy investment as home furniture. In fact, it is The most in-demand luxury furniture in Pune today.
So if you haven’t yet thought of including a recliner in your home seating system, here are six primary reasons why you should include recliners as important furniture.


You can comfortably binge-watch movies, read books, and enjoy long conversations while lounging on your recliner.
Here are some recliners options to choose from.
Manual Recliner: on which, you can easily adjust the back to best suit your comfort level.
Motorized Lift-up Recliner: on which, you can adjust the backrest and footrest to recline or sit up.
Electric Recliner

Grey colored recliner chair with black legs



With people spending more time sitting at a computer or studying and working, it’s recommended to use a professional-grade chair with an adjustable headrest and footrest. In addition, some of the motorized and electric recliner models give you the perfect massage relieving your sore back from prolonged sitting. The recliners can also be converted to ergonomic chairs that support back postures. Besides, they are a perfect option for the elderly to suit their resting or leisure needs.



Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, or relaxing on the couch with friends, recliners can be a great addition to your entertainment center. With different designs, modes of operation, and varieties of our recliners, you won’t have any trouble finding one to meet your needs.

Floral design recliner


The Motorized Lift-up and recline functions are very useful, especially for the comfort and convenience of senior citizens. On electric recliners, you can automatically recline the entire chair to lounge in or lift up the whole chair for the elders with knee or back issues. We ensure safety measures and easy handling to make recliners senior citizens friendly.



Quality in furniture is of utmost importance. Recliners are a handsome investment in your home decor and family comfort that you just can’t compromise on. Which is why, with improved upholstery, sound engineering, and a streamlined assembly process, we ensure our recliners meet your expectations! In addition, the recliners undergo a stringent testing process to ensure quality before they reach buyers. The quality is tested for bloating, tensile strength, stress, load capacity, and other quality checks by brands of high repute.



Recliners are great because they are designed to last for years without requiring much maintenance. In addition, some brands come with five-year warranties of upholstery and other parts, making them a worthy one-time investment.

Recliner chair in lime green color

We hope you realize the benefits of recliner chairs in Pune now. So if you make a purchase or try using one, we’d love to hear about it! If you are planning to get luxury furniture in Pune, Minthomez has best collection of recliner chairs and sofas, so contact us immediately to get one for you.