Three Helpful Tips for Better Designing Customised Furniture

Do You have a vivid image of the furniture you want to bring to life? Whether you’re redesigning or moving into a new place, you know exactly what furniture is your type. So instead of searching endlessly for that perfect piece, why not choose personalizable furniture built to suit your style, space, and lifestyle needs?
All you need is to examine your style and determine how best to express it into furniture. Then you can decide on the exact details you need to bring your custom sofa, chair, or dining table to life.

We at Mint Homez are a well-known luxury furniture store in Pune for personalizing furniture to suit our client’s needs. Here are a few tips that our experts share with clients who wish to personalize their furniture.

Take measurements:

It would be best to take measurements of any existing furniture in the area to help you get a sense of scale. For example, when ordering a table, knowing the dimensions of your current dining table can help you visualize the changes in the size of the new addition, if any. Also, before beginning the process, make sure your vision is compatible with existing colors and textures in the space.

Take measurements 01

Choose a frame:

Do you like a sleek modern look, classic lines, or the retro style of mid-century modern? Wingback chairs are an option of a truly classic shape that stands the test of time and easily translates to modern spaces. Whereas, if you’re looking for a piece of compact furniture for a small space, a modern look is a better option, as you will likely find various options within this style.

Choose a frame 01

Focus on the feel of the furniture:

When choosing upholstery, focus on color, fabric, and pattern. Consider the placing of the furniture and who will use it. Does your sofa need to be pet-friendly? Synthetic fabrics repel pet hair and resist natural fibers such as wool. Will the dining table be the place for kids’ coloring and crafting? Marble tabletops are wipe-clean, while natural teak takes more time and care to clean and maintain.

Focus on the feel of the furniture 01

With a good understanding of your needs, careful planning of design, and just a little bit of time, you can create your custom furniture in Pune, perfectly to fit your life, with Mint Homez.