Decorating a rented apartment and adding a touch of personalization to it can be easier than you think. However, because of the fact that you will have to vacate it eventually, it seems hard to spend or work a great deal on it. So here are five easy, simple, and affordable tips that will help you style your rented apartment.

Statement Furniture

Furniture is the focal point of any room. For each room, chose a piece of statement furniture to enhance the looks of the room. Carefully combined furniture styles make your room look unique and beautiful. It is better to think long-term while spending the money on furniture as they can be repurposed in your future home too.

statement furniture1

Diversified Lightings

Well-chosen lightings are one of the best ways to make a place look appealing. They are minimal and can transform the look of the apartment. There are so many lighting options available that can create different zones and moods in the same space. For example, you can style the apartment with eye-catching ceiling fixtures or classic lampshades. The function is the key while choosing lightings for your apartment, but don’t overlook how your lights tie with your overall aesthetic for a seamless look.

Diversified Lightings 2

Removable Wall Art

Wall art is a crucial part of the decorating process because no one likes to stare at a blank wall all day long. Removable wall decals are very fashionable as they are inexpensive and can be peeled off the wall without causing damaging the wall paint or plaster. Canvas art is generally considered the ideal kind of art for living rooms.

Removable WallArt 3

Subtle Curtains and Carpets

Curtains and carpets are simple yet incredible ways to add a homely feel to a rented apartment. For instance, pastel-shaded curtains and highly patterned carpet on low footfall areas in good coordination instantly make your room look more beautiful by adding a soft, warm, and welcoming touch.

Subtle Curtains and Carpets 4

Essential Indoor Plants

Houseplants are the best ways to add naturality and freshness to an abode. You can choose a few plants of different sizes or shades of green to create contrast and visual interest. Keep it simple with matching pots, or add color with various planters to suit your style.

Essential Indoor Plants 5

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