Summertime comes with the joy of long vacations and a chance to change things up around your home. Owing to the recent pandemic events, theres a good chance that you will spend the summer at home with relatives and friends. With all the parties and outdoor night-outs coming your way, you will have to amp up your place to make it summer-ready. But before you start hunting down all the home decor stores in Pune to revamp your space, read along to find some essential ideas that can give you the right headstart.
Instilling The Summer Colour Palette:
Summer renovations are all about cool, simplistic, and easy-going elements. From curtains to blankets, you will be changing a lot of elements that help to beat the heat and fatigue after a long sunny day. Remember to add more subtle tones of white, green, and blue wherever possible when you do so. White furnishing elements will not only highlight your wall designs and decorative pieces but also prevent the room from heating up by repelling heat. The green of plants is the best choice to go with. Add subtle planters and potters in every room, along with blue sofa covers, carpets, curtains, etc. These colors soothe the eyes when you walk in from sharp sunlight and look undeniably elegant on any furnishing.

Funky Indoor Seating Options:
With more people in the house, you will have to add extra seating options. This does not necessarily mean having more chairs crowding your space. Instead, you can add more easily movable large-size cushions and bean bags that either contrast the backdrops of different rooms or match other cushions and upholstery. You can find a good furniture mall in Pune that offers more creative seating designs in ottomans and nesting chairs. This way, you can transfer these add-on seats to whichever room the crowd moves and have a comfortable spot for all the additional guests.

Makeshift Outdoor Decor:
Summers are the only time to enjoy early breakfasts and night parties outdoors. If you have a balcony, porch, or garden, you will need better outdoor furnishing as well. Grasp these opportunities to include unique seatings and lights to highlight these events and enhance your overall home decor. You can add new wooden or metal outdoor tables and chairs that complement your indoor seating arrangement to accommodate additional guests. If you visit modern home decor stores in Pune, you can also find beautiful string lights that you can install from inside the house to the outside space and merge them into one large party space.

With these basic changes in place, you are free to experiment with contemporary interior decor elements found in any premium furniture mall in Pune. And if you wish for custom furniture, Pune is home to some of Indias best furniture showrooms. Mint Homez is one such leading furniture manufacturer where we not only specialize in delivering your specific choices in furniture design and offer the latest interior decor options guided by our design experts.