How to choose from the latest Dining Table designs?

A dining table is no more just a utility item in home decor. The definition of interior decoration has changed massively. Every furniture piece is now considered to be a colossal part of the interior design of a house. So, in that context, if chosen rightly, even a dining table can be a showstopper within your space!

POINTS to consider

Here, we drop some of the amazing ideas about how you can choose the right kind of dining table for your home. Also, do not miss the latest dining table designs that we mention along the way! Take a plunge!

What’s the SIZE of your dining room?

The availability of space must be considered when selecting furniture for your home. First, examine the size of your dining room or open kitchen, where your dining set will be placed. This will ideate the dimensions of a possible dining table design you may require the next time you go shopping.

The ideal distance between the edge of your dining table set and the wall or any other piece of furniture is three feet. This will give you enough room to move your chair and enough clearance to walk around the table.

two seater dinning table

Dinning table in pune

Is the size of your dining area suggesting a particular SHAPE?

The shape of your table is influenced by the size of your dining room. For example, a 36-44 inch square four-seater dining table or a round dining table with a diameter of 36-48 inches will keep a small space from looking cramped.

For more formal spaces, rectangular, oval, or circular-shaped dining tables are ideal, with the latter being better suited to classic styles. For instance, a 72-inch long rectangular table can comfortably seat six people if there is enough space for traffic flow, while a 96-inch long rectangular dining table design can comfortably seat eight people. To specify further:

Round Tables: Round tables fit perfectly in small spaces and look great in square dining areas. They provide flexible seating, can be mixed and matched with any type of chair and can accommodate a large number of people.

Rectangular Tables: Rectangular tables have limited seating due to the awkward leg placement.

Other Shaped Tables: Oval, crescent, and oblong dining table designs are flying off the shelves and have become fast-selling categories. These odd-shaped tables fit into larger rooms but take up less visual space. They also seat more people, though this is not immediately apparent.


Are you MATERIALISTIC enough!

 Again, when deciding which material is best for you, how and when it is used is critical. For example, wood dining table designs are warm and comfortable for everyday use, and they don’t show regular wear and fingerprints easily. Similarly, concrete, bamboo, and marble are durable without sacrificing style.

If you don’t mind a little more upkeep for something that will be used less frequently, sleek modern materials like MDF or glass table or wooden dining table with glass top might just be apt for you.

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What's your STYLE?

Choosing style could be the most difficult part once you’ve determined the size and material you’re looking for. For instance, your dining room table can be as traditional or as modern as you want it to be, as well as a conversation starter.

You may go with the very classic style of the all-wood option, or go bold and choose something that will raise the bar in your dining room’s style. When paired with the right chairs, your dining table design should be a perfect reflection of your lifestyle

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Should you go with the COLOUR trend or go BLAND?

Bright hues for the dining table are a trend that adds a splash of colour to the dining space, but this trend may be quickly outgrown. Although it may be tempting to experiment, it is best to stick to basic colours on the dining table – white, brown, and black – due to their durability and ability to unify well with the rest of the room decor. Red is a popular colour in Asian-themed decor. It looks lovely, but more subtle colours should surround it to avoid straining your eyes and clashing colours.

THINKING out of the box

PngItem 6696350

Worried about the limited space in your 7studio apartment? In that case, you must look for dining table designs that are flexible enough and work just fine for such small spaces.

Off late, Convertible coffee tables are quite in the drift. More and more people are preferring this category of table that savines them maximum. These coffee-to-dining options allow you to easily adjust the height of your small coffee table with just one finger. These hydraulic-piston-enabled tables can be raised just enough to use as a work table or all the way up to a standard dining height of 30′′.


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