What is cosier than a chair yet smaller than a sofa? It is a combination of the reclining support or a chair and the upholstered comfort of a sofa — the Recliner sofa chair. And with innovations in the design and functionalities of a recliner sofa, Pune has grown to be a centre for modern recliner makers and buyers. However, when buying a recliner sofa for your living room or bedroom, certain aspects of your space and choices should be considered. This is only to ensure that you do not end up buying a recliner that does not suit your space or meet your expectations.
Factors To Consider While Selecting A Recliner Sofa
Available Space And Orientation:

Recliner chairs and sofas mostly have added upholstery and thicker skeleton. Also, since they can be reclined backwards with the seat extended forward, they need to be placed in a direction that does not hinder its movements. The first factor to calculate is the right space and position you can allocate to your new recliner. You must find a location where it would rightfully serve its purpose of helping you relax around other elements, such as the living room TV, the balcony, or near a window with a coffee table.

Framework & Upholstery:

The core skeleton of recliners can be made or different qualities of wood or metals. It is prudent to invest in a sturdy and high-quality framework even if it costs you some extra bucks because recliners essentially are a one-time investment that can yield life-long comfort for you and your family. Apart from fitting your personal choice, the recliner also needs to fit your home interior without disturbing other arrangements. Hence, your choice of upholstery build, colour and texture should be in accordance with the rest of your interior theme and furniture.

Additional Features & Accessories:

Recliner sofas today are equipped with some out-of-the-box and extremely helpful features that you had need for ultimate relaxation. From surround speakers to power outlets, to extended footrests, to massagers, recliners can have an array of electronic accessories to suit every family members needs. However, it does not mean you must spend a fortune on buying a fully geared sofa, it simply means you can consider the accessories as an advantage while comparing your choices of recliners that are otherwise comfortable and elegant. Our furniture designers at MintHomez have spent decades designing efficient recliner sofas and chairs to suit the ever-evolving lifestyle of our country. If you are planning to buy a recliner sofa, Pune is home to our flagship showroom with a wide range of such products for you to choose from. We implore you to visit us and get personalized recliner chairs designed for your unique home. You can visit the Mint Homez website to reach out to our furniture experts for the same.